28 January 2008

A weekend too long is never long enough

Well, the Australia Day long weekend has been and gone. Our broadband connection at home was shaped back to dial-up speed for two of those three days, because somebody who will remain anonymous blew the last of our download cap just in time for the end of the week. I certainly take no responsibility for it whatsoever. Much.

I didn't vote in the Triple J Hottest 100 for the first time in years, having spent so little time with the radio on that I couldn't find ten songs that I recognised by name. That said, I have caught up on a few episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Réport from the week, and I've written to a few people who haven't heard from me in far too long. Oh, and I got started on Super Mario Galaxy.

It's come to that time of the year again where I'm looking for things to get rid of. Okay, perhaps this is a reaction to the spending I did after I got my first pay, I don't really feel as though I'm getting rid of old junk to make room for new junk. (Besides, as per last week's entry, I'm hardly having money problems.) Clothes I don't wear, video games I don't play, movies I'll never watch again, and so on: all, hopefully, to be given away or sold over the next couple of months. I'll have more detail here about the items for sale when I put them up on eBay beforehand.

One thing that won't be on eBay is my old laptop. It's a little Toshiba that coming up to its fourth birthday. Everything's been superseded, of course, but everything still works; it served me well for three years, until I got my Mac. I'm thinking I might head to the uni and put some ads up there. In any case, it's worth a bit too much just to ship to some anonymous would-be-scammer.

Lastly, I'm working on a video that is very near to completion. When I was in Canberra in December visiting a friend of mine, I took some video of her cat. I had a go at cutting that footage together for her, and I emailed her a preview. I think she's happy enough with it. I'll put a bit more polish on it, before I put it on YouTube. She'll be even happier when the royalty cheques come in - although they will be in the cat's name.

Back to work tomorrow, bright and early. Well, early, anyway.

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