19 June 2010

United Programs of Australia - Adelaide protest rally on Wednesday, 23 June

Green Loans Assessors Action Group is proud to announce the United Programs of Australia protest rally, taking place simultaneously around the country on Wednesday, 23 June.

The Adelaide rally will be held in Victoria Square from 8am to 9am.

Printable flier here. More details after the jump.

If you've been disaffected by the Green Loans Program, the Home Insulation Program, or Building an Education Revolution, come along and join the protest!

Bring a large sign and a loud voice, and have your voices heard!

For more information on the Adelaide rally, contact me.

For details of other rallies happening around the country, contact Patrick Moroney, GLAAG Media Representative on 040407304014 or, or visit

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Sums and Solutions Pty Ltd said...

Well done Aaron. Keep yelling and be heard.Roslyn Pasfield

Aaron Nielsen said...

Thanks, Roslyn. Every little helps!