26 June 2011

HSA delay - Volume Thirteen: the grudge

On 14 June 2011, I resigned from the ABSA Board, which I believe is still unable to fulfil its duties under either the ABSA Constitution or the Corporations Act. A week later, ABSA Chairman Michael Plunkett decided to send me an email, asking me to participate in an investigation against a trusted colleague who also doesn't work there any more. Here's my reply.

Dear Michael,

It's difficult to know whether it is more insulting that there is still an investigation or that you are asking for my participation therein.

It's not just that you're continuing an investigation into a former Director who is no longer on the Board. It's not even that you're asking me to participate in such an investigation, when I helped said former Director draft a complaint of our own, which you specifically told us would not be addressed at the Board meeting on 25 March 2011.

To make matters even worse, you describe a lengthy and detailed confidentiality requirements for participants in the investigation. By your having published the details of the complaint against Jay to the membership, in order to secure support for his removal as a Director, you declare your right to violate those requirements for your own personal gain. Consequently, you have no right to any expectation of confidentiality, since you yourself have demonstrated that others should not be afforded the same liberty.

With both objectivity or confidentiality long since thrown out the window, your only remaining reasons for this investigation are for you to funnel members' money to Worklogic and for ABSA Directors and managers to stroke their increasingly weak egos. I will not be participating in the investigation, and I will question the ethics of anyone who does.


Aaron Nielsen

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