22 February 2015

Farewell, BlogSpot

Insofar as I actually have a blog, I’ve decided to move it to WordPress and point my domain to it.

No disrespect to BlogSpot. Disrespect to Google Hosting Services - who don't seem to get this domain-pointing thing - but none to BlogSpot itself.

All I wanted to do was to point my domain name to my blog. Google’s unofficial response to that was “huh?” Officially, they actually give you several ways to do this: as well as the usual common CNAME records and A records, they offered personal CNAME records and TXT authorisation. None of them, nor any combination thereof, actually worked. Even my domain registrar couldn’t work it out.

Over to WordPress. Blog created in five minutes. Domain name redirection worked first go. Deal: done.

I’ve tried this in the past as well. Google seem to have updated their instructions, but the tool itself seems to be just as ineffectual. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

So I’m gone. I’ve started a new blog at WordPress and any new content will appear over there. I’m not moving any of this stuff: I just can’t be bothered.

Farewell, BlogSpot. It’s been great.

Farewell, Google Hosting Services. Meh.

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