02 March 2008


I have finally finished my project. We handed it over on Thursday morning and I think it went over reasonably well.

Personally, I'm still in the same lucid state I've been in for the past couple of weeks, the sense of relief not yet compensating for the sense of fatigue. The weekend is nigh, though, and with any luck, things will return to normal within the next few days. Until I start thinking about the next project, I've been doing a bit of housekeeping on my work computer in the meantime.

* * * * * *

How To Torment Your Cat - starring Cleo is up. I'll post a separate entry for that. Apparently, you can set it up so that new YouTube videos are linked straight to your blog. I'll try that out for next time.

I will have another video to upload very soon. I shot some video clips of the Adelaide 36ers' last game of the season - which was, coincidentally, Lanard Copeland's last home game in the NBL. Really, it was just an excuse to play with my digital camera and to learn the new version of iMovie, which I've only just installed. I can't say I'm unimpressed: it's really quick and easy to make a rough-cut film sequence, which can then be imported into Final Cut if you want something with a bit more grunt. (It's not actually documented anywhere, it would seem, that Final Cut Express 3.5.1 supports the Final Cut XML format, but you can drag-and-drop said XML files into your project and they will just appear as a sequence.) This Sixers footage will be entirely in iMovie, though.

I rang the club to see what would be required to publish the footage that I took. It seems that you need permission from the holder of the broadcast rights, and even then, you can't publish more than a couple of minutes of video. That's fine for me - this little project is more an experiment than anything else - but I thought I'd share that with anyone who had considered publishing footage of NBL games on YouTube, particularly of games broadcast by Fox Sports or (half your luck) one of the free-to-air networks.

* * * * * *

The search for a new iPod continues. It seems that the microphone attachments almost work with the current generation of iPods, although not all settings are available. I haven't found any news about whether a microphone will ever appear for the iPod Touch - and I mean officially, since the homebrewers seem to be on the cusp of just such a thing. I suspect that the idea of turning the Touch into a wireless internet phone might just annoy a few of Apple's strategic partners.

To be frank, though, this likely won't be an issue for me until at least the start of the next NBL season. I don't have any projects lined up that would require me to carry a roving microphone, and I'm not likely to start one. Besides, I could always buy myself a separate voice recorder for less than $100. Then again, perhaps that's just what I want to tell myself, as an excuse to consider the 32-gigabyte Touch. Yum.

It seems like a lot of money to outlay for what it is, since my current iPod would still be perfectly fine if it played video. I suppose that the idea of selling the old one will make up for that. I can add it to the list of things I want to sell. My old Toshiba laptop is ready to sell. I've got a leaflet to put up at the local university campus, in case anyone's looking for something on the cheap. I've got a bunch of old games that I don't play any more as well.

I guess it's just a question of letting go. It was hard enough coming to terms to being finished with work that has been so much of a hassle for the past two months. That probably explains why I haven't done more, and sooner, to sell the things that I have actually liked. Still, the time is right to move on.

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