02 March 2008

Video: NBL 2008-02-09 Adelaide 36ers vs Cairns Taipans

I've uploaded some NBL footage to YouTube. The video is from the NBL game between the Adelaide 36ers and the Cairns Taipans, which took place at the Distinctive Homes "Dome" in Adelaide on 9 February 2008.

This was Lanard Copeland's last home game in the NBL, and it was good to see a veteran, and a two-time champion, going out on a high note. Not that the Sixers made the playoffs, but you can't have everything.

This was an experiment for me, and I discovered a few things. Firstly, my digital camera's video function works about as well as could be expected. I may one day shell out for a camcorder, but I'm a long way from doing that. Secondly, YouTube handles widescreen videos properly, with postbox bars rather than cropping or distortion. Thirdly, I've learnt a bit about iMovie '08, which I may use in the future to prepare rough cuts before putting things in Final Cut Express.


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