30 July 2008

So much news

It's been nearly a month to the day since I posted anything, but so much has happened that I've had trouble finding the time to tell people about it.

At the start of July, I was whisked away for a week to attend a C++ training course. It was a good course, and it's been very useful for me to brush up. It also meant I could walk to work for a week, since the training course was just on the other side of the lake. If we'd had some decent weather, that would have been a good thing.

Thanks to the course, I missed the iPhone launch. I've decided not to get one for the moment, and have opted for the far cheaper option of a little prepaid Nokia 6300. I haven't quite set it all up the way I want yet, but unlike my previous phone (which I've had for four and a half years), the battery's good and all the buttons work.

Two weeks ago, we had a bit of a fundraiser for the granddaughter of one of the managing directors. She has a rare form of juvenile cancer and requires ongoing treatment. For us, it meant lighting the barbie and getting the guys together, chipping in a few bob for a good cause. While we were at it, we also had a Wii Sports Tennis tournament, to cough up a few more funds. Incidentally, I did win the tournament - but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

With regard to my actual work, my current project is winding down. There's nothing major to do with either the software or the documentation, so it won't be long before we just hand it over. The big question is what happens next: I might not be in Adelaide for the next one, and in fact, I may not even be in the country. There are a lot of options open at the moment, and it remains to be seen which of them will stay open.

As for the subject of my last post... Yes, something has happened. It hasn't seemed like the right time to follow up on it yet, but I'm hopeful. Stay tuned.

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