15 May 2010

GLACG: Canberra Green Loans Rally, 24 May

[Press release from the GLA Compensation Group. For a PDF version, click here. Full disclosure: I am a member of this group. - A.N.] 

Canberra Green Loans Rally
WHEN: Monday May 24th 2010, 10am for 1100am media call. Conclusion 12pm
WHERE: Parliament House Lawns, Canberra.

‘A FAIR GO - for Green Loans Assessors and their families’

This is a call to join fellow assessors on the morning of May 24th on the grounds of Parliament House, Canberra, to make a stand and call on the Government for a fair go for Green Loans assessors and their families.

The group of assessors will serve on the Government a number of submissions that are designed to rectify the harsh financial hardships mum and dads and individual assessors and un-contracted assessors have experienced following their training.

Assessors joined the Green Loans program because they wanted to make a difference but through mismanagement of this program assessors have been knocked for six time and time again. This is your chance to make a difference and rally the Government for a fair and reasonable outcome to the Green Loans fiasco.

There will be bipartisan support at the rally from a number of organisations and media coverage will be in attendance.
From the growing support I am receiving from assessors and other parties' I am very confident that this will be a successful day. A day when citizens stand up for respect as an assessor, as a contractor, as a citizen of the country, as a mum, as a dad, as an individual and as a person who wanted to make a difference to the Greening of Australia and represent its Government as an ambassador.

Its time to take our views, opinions, suggestions to the footsteps of the Government and feel good about standing up for all that we wanted this program to be.

We are encouraging those that can join us to bring an Australian flag to represent the true values this country holds dear – values that we feel are missing from the execution of this program.

This day is being organized and driven by assessors for assessors.

We look forward to you joining us in Canberra to hold the Government accountable.


Phone: Patrick 0407 304014

Patrick Moroney
Green Loans Assessors Compensation Group

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