12 May 2010

GLACG: Rewards Cards Cancelled, Uncontracted Assessors In The Cold

[Press release from the GLA Compensation Group. Full disclosure, I am a member of this group. - A.N.]

For immediate release:  Wednesday 12th May 2010

Green Loans $50 Rewards Card Axed Before Any Issued
Uncontracted Assessors Left Out in the Cold

Budget 10/11 papers suggest the Rudd Government has axed the $50 reward card for home energy assessments sent to householders after May 11th 2010.

However to this date, no rewards card has been issued to any of the 200,000+ householders throughout Australia who have had a Green Loans Assessment completed since June 2009 and before May 11th 2010.

"……. and the Green Rewards Card will no longer be available to households receiving assessments after 11 May 2010"

Source:  Part 2 Expense Measures, Green Loans Program Redesign.

The budget also suggests that no new assessors will be contracted by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency before the end of 2010 leaving three thousand or more trained contractors out in the cold.

These assessors have spent upwards of $3000 to $4000 dollars each to get their accreditation with ABSA to be qualify as Home Energy Assessors for the Government initiated program.

This group of assessors completed their training over five months ago and have been waiting this whole time for some sort of statement from the Government.

The least the Rudd Government and its Minister Penny Wong could do is to make a statement on the future of these uncontracted assessors.

GLACG plans to hold a passive rally outside parliament house on 24th May 2010 when the group will submit to the Government a claim for compensation for the financial pain of the collapsed program.

The group recognizes that the Government is making some steps to rectify the problems of the program however the colossal damage has been done over the past six months when many assessors suffered severe financial stress due the program administration collapsing and many assessors were unable to access work or be paid on time. 

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Smith said...

I think you have missed the other main point. There is no money for the GreenLoans after 30-June-2011. Basically the programme will be killed off. There is GreenStart but that will not be as big

Aaron Nielsen said...


What we're talking about at the moment is the distinct lack of a plan to get people out of the program, particularly those of us who aren't going to last another year until GreenStart, mandatory disclosure, etc.

Your point is a fair one, or at least, it might well be an important one soon enough.