06 April 2008

More working weeks without a car coming up

The Adelaide Metro - the blanket brand for Adelaide's trains, buses and trams - has released a number of new bus timetables that will come into effect at the end of April.

The big change for me is that if I choose to get the one bus to work in the morning, and the one corresponding bus back again in the afternoon, I'll be able to stay a bit longer at work, and probably even get in a full eight-hour day. This may make things easier for me if I'm not riding my bike, which I may not want to do in the winter because it will be too cold, too dark, and probably too wet.

Of course, by the merest coincidence, the day before I found out about the new bus timetables, one of my colleagues showed me where there is a shower at work, in one of the adjacent buildings. And I was all geared up to give the bike another go, now that I've got the tyres fixed again. Still, even with daylight savings finally over, there's still time to try again before what South Australia calls the winter really sets in.

Visit the Adelaide Metro web site here.

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