06 April 2008

Quote Of The Year

Barack Obama may only be slightly ahead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but for mine, he's way ahead in the Quote Of The Year honours:

Chris Matthews ('Hardball', MSNBC): At any time in this campaign, did you have a chuckle that you just couldn't get rid of - something weird that happened that was so crazy that you just went to bed laughing about it?
Barack Obama: I think that happens once a day - but then I stopped watching cable news.

Imagine this, if you will. I'm sitting on a crowded bus on a Saturday afternoon, watching
The Daily Show on my spiffy new iPod Touch. Suddenly, Obama completely and utterly destroys Matthews in all of two seconds. Here I am, cracking up laughing, surrounded by a bus full of shoppers who have no idea what I'm doing, biting on my knuckles to try and stop laughing. I've only had the damn iPod for two weeks, and it's already embarrassed me once in public.

You can watch The Daily Show's coverage of this priceless moment in political news coverage here.

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