27 April 2008

Random bits and pieces

While I've got a few half-finished things to write about, I thought I'd write an update so that people wouldn't think this was another abandoned blog.

I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks. Mario Kart Wii is out and I've hardly had a chance to touch it - although I'm liking what I've seen so far. I've got some new music to listen to - Absolution and Black Holes And Revelations by Muse, and Friend Opportunity by Deerhoof. Regarding the latter, while looking for the cheapest music video ever made, I stumbled upon a Deerhoof song called The Perfect Me, whose filmclip is a pretty good candidate. However, this song is perhaps the most interesting music I've heard in years. That said, my taste in music is pretty weird.

Another piece of news is that I've got my first sale listing on eBay. My first experiment is going to be the sale (hopefully) of my copy of Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. I'm not sure of all of the available options and what will work best for my very-small-time operation, but I'll see if it's right for me. I've got a steadily increasing pile of things to sell, so I hope this works out.

Finally, I hope to embark on another working week without my car. It has rained a bit here in Adelaide over the weekend, which is always welcome, but it makes me wonder a bit about all the walking I'm going to do. It may be a remarkable return to pedestrian power, or it might just have to wait - stay tuned.

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